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Steps You Need to Follow to Make Jeans Shopping Less Miserable

Some clothes are fun to shop for. Think cute shoes, comfortable dresses, easy sweaters, and gorgeous bags. But other items aren’t quite so fun to try on in the fitting room mirror. Bikinis may immediately come to mind, but for many women, jeans are just as bad. Finding the right style is complicated enough. (Do you like skinny jeans, or are you a boyfriend jean kind of girl? Are cropped jeans flattering for you, or is a bootcut with a bit of length the only way to go?)

This is why we think it’s important that we all learn how to make jean shopping a little more fun (at least a little less miserable). You might not ever learn to love shopping for denim. But you can make the task a little less rage-inducing with some simple changes to your usual jean-shopping routine. Ahead, check out our denim shopping tips and learn to be a little more zen the next time you have to hit the mall.

1. Find inspiration

Street Style in Barcelona

Street Style in Barcelona Look at style blogs and magazines for inspiration. | Miquel Benitez/Getty Images

Some people wear jeans all the time. Others only pull on a pair of denim when it starts to get cold outside. Either way, it never hurts to look for some inspiration. Peruse a few style blogs to see how your favorite bloggers are styling their jeans. Take a look at the latest street style snaps for some new ideas. And pay attention to the looks you like (and dislike) on TV or on the streets of your city. Figure out what you like, and you’ll have a much easier time finding it when you head to the store.

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