Still Holding on to Pregnancy Weight? Try These Exercises

Pregnant woman holding belly

Pregnant woman holding belly It can be hard to lose weight after a baby. |

Once they’ve made all the necessary life adjustments to welcome their new baby after giving birth, moms find themselves tasked with trying to shed their pregnancy weight. To call it overwhelming doesn’t even come close. It takes a lot of time and energy to take care of a baby, and so many mothers feel like they don’t have time to spend on their own wellness. If you don’t devote a little bit of attention to yourself, though, those additional pounds might start to multiply.

In one study involving 774 women, researchers found a majority of them retained at least some of their baby weight one year later. The real takeaway was, among the women who had a normal BMI prior to pregnancy, nearly one-third were overweight or obese one year after delivering. Since these additional pounds increase the risk for multiple health problems, the results prove mothers really should take some time to focus on themselves.

Before anyone starts panicking, it’s worth remembering any amount of weight loss takes time. After all, it took nine months to put on the pregnancy weight in the first place. For some, it will come off immediately anyway. According to Fitness, most women can expect to shed 10 pounds just from the combined weight of the baby and body fluids. Breastfeeding can also help increase your calorie burn.

And now for exercise, which is crucial for helping you lose the pregnancy weight. As long as you’re up for it and your doctor doesn’t have any objections, you’re usually good to get moving pretty soon. These exercises will help you ease back into a fitness routine and shed those excess pounds.

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