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Stop Believing These Dumb Myths About Flat Abs

For every helpful tip regarding flat abs, there are at least a half dozen myths to accompany it. It’s sad but true — there are more falsehoods than facts out there claiming to help you get a flat, toned midsection. And if you are someone on a quest for that “dream stomach,” you definitely need to know what tips you can trust, and which you should shun. Here are a couple dumb myths about flat abs that you need to stop believing.

Myth: Anyone can have a concave stomach with visible hipbones

A woman's toned abs.

A woman's toned abs. Everyone’s hip structure is different. | Nikolas_jkd/iStoc/Getty Images Plus

While anyone can make their stomach flatter, not everyone can achieve that “super skinny” look. Having a concave stomach and noticeable hipbones is a result of genetics and bone structure. Even some of the most lithe supermodels don’t have sucked-in stomachs.

Looking at this look as a “fitness goal” is unrealistic and is only setting you up for disappointment.

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