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‘Stranger Things’: Why Season 2 Might Surprise Fans

Last year, Stranger Things was easily Netflix’s biggest breakout hit. The series showed up on the streaming service out of almost nowhere, following a subtle, understated marketing campaign. What we got in the end was a stunningly realized sci-fi narrative that echoed the styles of genre heavyweights Stephen King and Steven Spielberg. After the final credits rolled though, many were left wondering whether the Duffer Brothers (the show’s creators) would opt for a second season.

Thankfully, Season 2 ended up getting the green light, albeit with almost no information as to what direction it would take the story. The first season wasn’t exactly open-ended, and there’s always a risk when you try to stretch out a story that would have been perfectly suited for a single run of episodes. That all being so, there are still plenty of directions new episodes could take the series in, and we have some thoughts as to how that could play out.

1. Giving fans a new story to latch onto

Stranger Things - Season 2

Stranger Things - Season 2 Stranger Things, Season 2 | Netflix

We’d be shocked to see the Duffer Brothers simply recreate the plot from Season 1, but it’s worth mentioning this off the bat anyway. Season 2 has a long way to go toward justifying its existence, and creating an interesting new direction for our story would be a solid first step toward accomplishing that. We’ll of course still want to see our favorite characters return to reprise their respective roles, but a deeper dive into the dark, unexplored corners of the Stranger Things universe is a necessity.

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