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Stupid Dress Code Rules Employers Should Eliminate Immediately

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young woman in colorful mini dress Does your office have a ridiculous dress code? | iStock.com/Aleksander Kaczmarek

You found the perfect job, and everything is falling into place. However, on your first day of work, you’re taken aback by some of the company’s dress code policies as you read through the employee handbook. What did you just get yourself into?

If your company has some questionable dress code rules, you’re not alone. However, if you think your co-workers don’t care how you look at work, you’re wrong. A Salary.com survey found 56% of respondents said they judge their co-workers based on how they dress. Here are seven stupid dress code rules employers should eliminate immediately.

1. No sleeveless or short-sleeve tops

Some employers do not allow their employees to bare their arms. It could be 100 degrees outside, and you’re still expected to come to work completely covered. No skin allowed.

Summers can get quite unbearable. If you live in a city where taking a subway is necessary to get to work, it can be uncomfortable to wear a long-sleeve shirt on a train packed with other sweaty people. By the time you get to work, you’re so drenched you might as well turn around to go home and take another shower. I

f you work in an office that has a policy like this, your best option is to wear a short-sleeve or sleeveless top when you travel to work. Then, put a jacket or sweater on once you get to the office.

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