Style Don’ts: 6 Fashion Mistakes That Too Many People Make

Everyone makes mistakes. Whether you missed your stop on the train or accidentally copied your boss on a personal email with one of your co-workers, life is full of head-smacking “oops” moments. The way you dress is no exception: your “sartorially experimental” period during college, a haphazardly styled outfit five minutes before you have to leave for drinks with the guys, and that mindless, impulse buy, just to name a few. It’s OK: We’ve all been there. But like most mistakes, there’s an easy way to fix (and avoid) these fashion faux pas. Read on for six ways to fix common fashion mistakes.

1. Problem: You’re a color clasher

Patterned shorts

Patterned shorts Wearing too many colors looks like you’re a little confused about your outfit. |

Forget ho-hum blacks and grays: You love color. In fact, you find yourself struggling to pick just one bright color while perfecting your daily ensembles, so you choose them all. Sure, some color combos look great together — your chambray shirt and those salmon shorts is a great go-to ensemble. But others? Not so much. Instead of looking like a fashion-forward guy, you look like you’re sporting Joseph’s Technicolor Dreamcoat in the 21st century.

While an easy way to stylishly integrate color to an outfit is by mixing one bright hue with a slew of neutrals, we know that going cold turkey on high-octane pigments is no easy feat. So why not give yourself a lesson in color theory? Thanks to Tiger Color, identifying which hues look good together (and, most important, how many colors should be dominant) is a breeze. It’s no secret that adding several colors in one outfit a la square, triad, and split-complementary color schemes can be risky, so start off slow by blending complementary colors that are found on opposite ends of the color wheel. For example, your blue button-down and pair of orange corduroy pants will look fetching instead of fearsome.

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