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Style Mistakes That Can Sabotage Your Look

Guys, you may not realize this, but despite your best efforts, you may be sabotaging your look. You’ve done your menswear research and are up to speed on all the current trends, you’ve mastered layering, know how a suit should be properly tailored, and can easily spot a man who does not have any sartorial sense. However, just because you’ve managed to become a connoisseur of menswear doesn’t mean that you’re still not making some small but silly errors that are throwing your outfit game off. Here are some things that could be killing your look. Don’t worry, they can all be easily fixed.

1. You don’t match your metals and your leathers

leather accessories

leather accessories Metals and leathers should be matched. | iStock.com

Metals and leathers in your outfit should be properly matched. Accessories are meant to add something to your ensemble when they’re worn together, but they shouldn’t be the main focus. This means that belt metals, tie clips, and any other accessory with metal should remain in the same metal shade, while leathers work best when they’re also in the same color family — just make sure to go one shade darker or lighter when matching shoes and belts or even a briefcase. This approach is not meant for you too look matchy-matchy, rather it will complement your whole look.

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