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Surefire Signs Someone Is Giving You Terrible Nutrition Advice

There’s a lot of iffy advice out there when it comes to food and dieting. It doesn’t help that a new study always seems to pop up contradicting the one that came before it. Who can you really trust to give you nutrition advice you can count on? More importantly, how can you tell if a friend, loved one, or random person on the internet is giving you terrible advice? Keep an eye out for these signs someone isn’t as credible as they seem.

1. They wage war on one food or food group

Is one food group really the enemy?

Is one food group really the enemy? It’s not usually one food group that’s the problem — unless you’re legitimately allergic to it. | iStock.com/Nastco

Whether you call out dairy, grains, meat, or some creative combination of ingredients, blaming certain foods for distress and disease is nothing new. While cutting back on junk food to lose weight might be a completely reasonable piece of advice, for example, going gluten-free to lose weight often isn’t. Yet more and more people are cutting out gluten, research says, even though they have no medical reason to do so.

Unless there’s a legitimate need for it, most experts agree elimination diets and shunning entire food groups isn’t necessary — or healthy. Registered dietitian Keri Gans told Women’s Health it’s a bad idea to eliminate collective groups of food, because each one provides essential nutrients your body needs to work properly. People often suffer more from not eating a variety of foods than they do from failing to eliminate a specific food from their diet.