Surprising Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

Surprising Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil:

Known for its moisturizing, nourishing and repairing effects, coconut oil is the new beauty routine for many stars. And for good reasons, it turns out to be a great choice for the hair, skin and teeth.

After falling into oblivion, coconut oil currently operates a comeback in the closets of many beauticians. Rich in essential fatty acids, lauric acid and myristic acid, it indeed offers the skin smoothness and give your her a great shine.

Benefits that have not escaped Gisele Bundchen, great for its fragrance and ability to soften the skin. Tempting isn’t it? So here are 3 reasons to use it without delay!

It has a moisturizing effect, coconut oil helps against dehydration and softens the skin, thanks to its fatty acid with antioxidant properties, smoothing and anti-inflammatory. And nothing to spoil it, it leaves your body with a pleasant smell. You should therefore apply it throughout on your body and on the face! Finally, like Jessica Alba, one can also use it throughout her pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.

It is said that one can also use coconut oil to whiten their teeth. Use it as a gargle once a day, it will offer an ultra white smile and help you to fight against halitosis, thanks to its antibacterial properties. Finally, keep it below 20 ° C, coconut oil solidifies and forms an excellent balm. This can help you get rid of chapped lips and it is a 100% natural!

Coconut oil repairs the hair fiber in-depth. Used before shampooing or leave-in, so it is ideal for dry and brittle hair. Now the icing on the cake, coconut oil is an effective anti-dandruff as an ally against lice! To summarize: it softens the hair, nourishes, repairs and protects it.

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