Surprising Snacks That Make You Gain Weight Like Crazy

Are you consistently gaining weight but can’t figure out why? Are you tempted to give up your diet plans? You might be surprised to learn the problem could be your snacking habits. Although snacking is a good way to tide you over until your next meal, the wrong snacks can throw you off course when it comes to meeting your weight-loss goals.

Here are 15 surprising snacks that make you gain weight like crazy.

1. Smoothies

A woman holds a green smoothie while wearing a backpack.

A woman holds a green smoothie while wearing a backpack. Just because it’s green, doesn’t mean it’s healthy. | Dirima/iStock/Getty Images Plus

You might think having a liquid snack, like a smoothie, might be a good way to keep your weight down, but that’s not always the case. Some liquid snacks can be a source of hidden calories.

Jenny Barber, a nutritionist for Slimming World, told The Cheat Sheet some people make the mistake of over-doing it with the liquids. “Many smoothies contain almost as many calories as fizzy drinks and because people think they’re being healthy by drinking them, they may consume them in larger amounts,” said Barber.

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