Surprising Ways Your Cat Tells You, ‘I Love You’

When you bring a cat home, he becomes a part of your family. He quickly figures out the best places to nap, finds the ideal perch for watching birds and squirrels, and determines the best way to get you to give him food and treats. But another fun thing happens: You become a cat owner. That means you’re responsible for that stinky litter box, of course. But it also means you become obsessed with figuring out what your cat is thinking.

You’ll probably find yourself constantly guessing at why your cat is meowing or what she wants when she stares you down from across the room. And every once in a while, you’ll likely find yourself wondering whether your cat actually loves you. Despite their infamous aloofness, cats actually are capable of love. Here are the ways his behavior might tell you he really does adore you.

1. He shows you his butt

back of cat

back of cat Does your cat show you his backside? He’s saying he trusts you. |

One of the most surprising ways your cat might show his affection for you? Putting his furry little behind in your face. The Spruce characterizes this behavior as “a back-handed feline compliment.” When cats greet each other for the first time, they sniff each other’s faces and necks to say hello. Then, they sniff each other’s sides and finally their hindquarters, beneath a raised tail. Your cat doesn’t actually expect you to sniff his butt. But the fact that he’s showing you that part of his body is a major vote of confidence in his trust for you.

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