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Target vs. Walmart: Where Can You Get the Better Deal?

A pile of burning money

A pile of burning money Are you burning money by shopping at the wrong place? | NRCC

In the battle of the big-box stores, the biggest weapon is price. Walmart promises shoppers “always low prices,” while Target tells people to “expect more, pay less.” But which chain really offers shoppers the best deals?

To find out, The Cheat Sheet compared prices on 14 equivalent items, from food to entertainment products, at a Walmart and Target store in San Diego, Calif. We found you’ll get more for your money at Walmart, though Target was competitive on price for many items, and in a handful of cases, the cheaper option.

Other research confirms that Walmart beats Target in the price wars. A basket of grocery, health and beauty, and general merchandise items cost 3.5% less at Walmart than at Target, a 2015 Kantar Retail study found.

Curious which items cost less at Walmart versus Target? Check out the prices on the following 14 products at each store.

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