Some Twitter users are getting longer tweets, but President Donald Trump isn’t one of them

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Twitter is letting a small group of test users send longer tweets — as long as 280 characters, which is twice the length of the service’s traditional 140 character limit.

Among those who won’t get longer tweets: President Donald Trump.

After Twitter announced the new test Tuesday afternoon, many on Twitter started asking whether or not POTUS was among those getting 280 characters. Given that one of his tweets from this past weekend led North Korea to claim the United States was declaring war, it seemed like a fair question.

Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, who is back at the company full time, said in a tweet on Tuesday that Trump is not part of the test group. A company spokesperson also confirmed Trump is not part of the test group, which was selected at random.

Assuming Twitter likes this idea, of course, it will roll it out to all users. But for now, Trump will be stuck with 140-character tweets like (most of) the rest of us.

Trump shouldn’t feel bad. Even CEO Jack Dorsey’s mom didn’t make it into the test group.

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