Teeth Filing, Should you do it?

The extents to which people are going in the quest for beauty are alarmingly scary; sex swaps, bleaching, enlargement of body parts, and plastic surgery. However, these are reserved for the elite in society. The middle-class also has its styles of creating beauty. In this post, teeth filing, not filling will be discussed.

Teeth filing is the rubbing away of some parts of a tooth to give it a better shape, create space, or whiten it. It has been a controversial topic for long because it lies midway between being a cosmetic or dental procedure. All in all, the results are the same. The negative ones are highlighted below.


Teeth are made such that their outer part (enamel) is less sensitive than the interiors. If the filing is excessively done, it wears out the enamel and exposes the dentine that is more sensitive. On exposure to environmental factors, dentine will cause excess tooth sensitivity and pain.

Excess Sharpness

Filing will sometimes be restricted to, or include sharpening of the teeth. Some individuals believe that their teeth require sharpening regularly. However, unbeknownst to them, the body is designed to cater for itself fully, and in trying to “help” it, harm may occur. In this case, excessively sharp teeth will lead to severe biting or bruising of the tongue or lips.

Weaker Teeth

As explained earlier, teeth filing involves the removal of the enamel (outer part of teeth). The enamel is meant to strengthen teeth and withstand hard biting. Therefore, upon excessively sharpening them, the teeth lose much enamel and may become weak. The result is the inability to chew hard foods as well as increased chances of breakage.

Extra Spacing

In improving their smiles, people will require having equal spacing between individual teeth that may be artificially done. If done by an expert, the filing procedure is likely to be safe. On the other hand, if done wrongly, it may have detrimental side effects. One of them is creating gaps that trap food particles. This lowers one’s oral hygiene. Also, the lodging of food particles within the inter-tooth gaps during chewing may result in discomfort.

As such, it is important that before opting for teeth filing, one should understand what they might have to put up with later.

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