Terrible Diseases You Can Treat With a Healthy Diet

You could have a serious health condition right now and not even know it. But once your doctor has given you a clear diagnosis, there’s a lot you can do — beyond medication and therapy — to feel better. A healthy diet may not be able to cure chronic illness. It can, however, relieve some of your worst symptoms — and significantly improve your quality of life. Here are the conditions you can treat with healthier eating.

Irritable bowel syndrome

Woman holding her stomach.

Woman holding her stomach. You can calm your symptoms with yummy and healthy foods. | Champja/iStock/Getty Images

Dietary triggers: According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, many people living with IBS experience worsening symptoms after eating large meals or too many high-fat foods.

What you should eat instead: Experts recommend eating smaller, more frequent meals if large portions of food trigger IBS symptoms. Eating plenty of high-fiber foods like beans, vegetables, and rice can also decrease flares and minimize overall discomfort.

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