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Terrifying Ways Your Partner Is Totally Wrecking Your Health

Your significant other can have a strong impact on your health — everything from how often you exercise to your personal habits. So when your main squeeze negatively influences your life, your health ends up suffering. And you might not even notice the ways your significant other is negatively impacting you! Here are seven ways your partner is wrecking your health — and what you can do to change things for the better.

1. Throwing off your sleep cycle

Man and woman in bed together sleep

Man and woman in bed together sleep He could be interrupting her sleep cycle — and hurting her health in the process. | iStock.com

There are plenty of couples out there that have different sleep schedules. Maybe your partner wakes up earlier than you do and their alarm wakes you up. Or, you hit the hay a little early, but are awakened by your partner hopping into bed. What you might not know about this common occurrence is that it can be damaging to your overall health. For starters, one study, though somewhat limited, found interrupted sleep is similar to being sleep deprived. Plus, research published in Social Psychological and Personality Science shows couples with conflicting sleep schedules are more likely to fight and be less communicative about problems. (More on arguing a little later.)

What’s a couple to do when they aren’t on the same sleep schedule? Wellness Today suggests having a large mattress and some separate blankets to keep you and your partner from rustling each other awake. They also suggest having a bedtime conversation when the first person goes to sleep. “That way the couple can still bond, but no one gets cranky from staying up too late or getting up too early,” the article says. If one of you is out late, try a quick phone discussion.

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