The 10 Best Led Zeppelin Songs of All Time

Led Zeppelin, 1973

Led Zeppelin, 1973 British rock band Led Zeppelin | Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Even among the greatest rock bands of all-time, the legacy of Led Zeppelin looms large — mainly because the band made unapologetically big music. The four-man band dynamic yielded songs that worked as a whole even as each individual element shined as bright as it possibly could — John Bonham’s apocalyptic drumming, Robert Plant’s wailing, Jimmy Page’s rip-roaring guitar solos, and even John Paul Jones’s funky bass grooves and multi-instrumentalist versatility. Trying to rank the best Led Zeppelin songs is like picking between children. Well, let’s start picking kids — however painful it might be to omit so many great ones!

10. “Communication Breakdown”

“Communication Breakdown,” the most propulsive track on Zeppelin’s otherwise blues-centric debut album, roars along on the strength of a clean-but-mean guitar riff played on high speed. The drums, the bass, and the vocals do their part to build a catchy song around Page’s skilled playing and amazing solo. While Zeppelin is best known for its towering, swaggering rock epics, “Communication Breakdown” shows the band churning out a nimbly effective two-minute beast — punk before punk existed.

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