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The 10 Greatest NFL Players Ever

The NFL logo is seen on a football field.

The NFL logo is seen on a football field. We’re about to count down the greatest NFL players in the history of the shield. | Nick Laham/Getty Images

Professional football is the epitome of all things American. We love the sport — particularly at the NFL level — because of the grit, intensity, teamwork, force, and speed of the game. To win as a team, each  player must know his assignment, execute, and sacrifice himself at the point of attack. Football is a chess match; personnel must read, react, and dominate smaller battles to help the larger group prevail.

To the uninitiated, the game of football may simply showcase two walls of humanity regularly crashing into each other. Beyond the military terminology, color-coded play sheets, and complex zone-blocking schemes, the ultimate goal in football remains to advance the ball to the other side of the field for points.

The greatest NFL players dismiss the conventional wisdom and time-­honored cliches of football diehards while also converting casual spectators into game-day fanatics. Indeed, no defense exists for the perfect pass, speed does kill, and defense can be your best offense. On the gridiron, the greats demand an eyewitness account at all times. Why? Because supreme ability can barely be described in words. It redefines what is possible. The 10 greatest NFL players embody these characteristics and have changed the game for good.