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The 10 Most Forgotten Supercars in Automotive History

Jaguar supercar

Jaguar supercar Source: Jaguar

Supercars are built to represent the pinnacle of automotive technology. Brutally fast and impossibly expensive, they are objects of desire and the stuff dreams are made of. But there’s more to a supercar than just speed and good looks. There’s a certain hierarchy in the supercar world — a select group of car builders that seem to control the collective memory when it comes to performance. Ferraris, Lamborghinis, and McLarens build supercars, unquestionably. Acura, Aston Martin, and Jaguar? Maybe not. Despite looks, speed, and handling to compete with the best, some plenty capable dream machines just get left behind.

And that’s a real shame. For every legendary Porsche 959 or Bugatti Veyron there are several woefully underrated cars that deserve to be part of the “best ever” conversation. Automotive history is littered with cars that reached the pinnacle of performance for a moment, only to quickly fall into obscurity. Whether victims of poor-timing, a lack of funds, or lack of proper supercar credentials, these cars just haven’t entered the creative consciousness in a way the legends have. Here are 10 criminally underrated supercars that deserve to be part of the conversation.

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