The 10 Worst NFL Teams to Ever Win a Super Bowl

Aaron Rodgers reacts during the game.

Aaron Rodgers reacts during the game. Aaron Rodgers reacts during the game | Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Super Bowl has grown to the point of being a national holiday. One would think that football you know, the reason we park in front of our TVs all day to begin with would regularly be played at a high level. Makes sense, right? The biggest football game of the season should feature top-tier football.

Yet not every Super Bowl-winning team is created equal. Some teams didn’t have great regular-season records; they didn’t “fire up the jets” until just before the big game. Some were quietly “meh,” but had a schedule that they steamrolled right through. Other teams regularly worked several interceptions into their repertoire and still won the biggest game of the year. Here are the 10 worst NFL teams to have won a Super Bowl, ordered by year.

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