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The 10 Worst States to Get Into a Car Accident

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Will you have enough coverage if you’re hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver? Depending on the state, you could be in for a raw deal. There’s a possibility there won’t be enough money to cover damages even if the driver who hits you is insured. And if an uninsured driver hits your vehicle, it could be an uphill battle to recover money for damages.

Roughly 12.6% of drivers (about one in 8) do not have auto insurance, according to the Insurance Research Council. Oklahoma leads the pack with 25.9% of uninsured motorists. A recent Wallet Hub study breaks down states that have the most and least risky outcomes for your wallet. Most of the states described as risky have lower minimum liability insurance requirements and a higher number of uninsured drivers. In addition, many of those states don’t require additional insurance such as personal injury protection.

As you read through this report, you will see three numbers listed next to the minimum liability insurance requirements. For example, for Florida you’ll see 10/20/10. The first number represents (in thousands of dollars) minimum bodily coverage per person, the second number represents bodily injury coverage per accident, and the third number represents the required amount of property damage coverage per accident.

Here are 10 of the riskiest states based on insurance requirements and number of uninsured drivers.

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