The 12 Biggest Film Box Office Disasters of All Time

While any film that fails to meet box office expectations is often labeled a flop, even today’s big-budget failures can’t compare to some of the biggest financial disasters in the history of film, when adjusted for inflation (all box office numbers courtesy of Film Site).

Here are the 12 biggest film box office disasters of all-time in ascending order, and how their losses measure up to modern standards of box office bombs.

12. Jupiter Ascending (2015) — estimated losses: $80 million

Man in a pool looking at jupiter in Jupiter Ascending

Man in a pool looking at jupiter in Jupiter Ascending Jupiter Ascending | Warner Bros.

You certainly can’t fault Warner Bros. for their ambition with Jupiter Ascending. That said, they forgot to make an interesting movie along the way, and paid for it at the box office. The film checked in at a hefty $176 million budget, netting just $47 million from domestic audiences. When you figure in foreign profits and marketing costs, most estimates peg the losses right around a historically bad $80 million.

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