The 12 College Football Teams With the Most Diehard Fans

The Wolverines make an entrance on the field.

The Wolverines make an entrance on the field. The Wolverines know how to make an entrance. | Christian Petersen/Getty Images

When we think about “winning” in college football, a few things come to mind. From an individual player perspective, it’s all about who’s got the best chance at achieving greatness. From a team standpoint, the focus will always center on which squads will most likely take home a national championship. These are the obvious choices. But, truth be told, they are far from the only ways to acknowledge a victory in college football.

There are college football fans, and then there are college football fans. The latter individuals are the ones who feel a deep connection to their teams; they take the sport more seriously than most; they always refer to their squad as “we”; and they do whatever it takes to attend the games in person. This last point is a must, and some schools experience this on a completely different level than others.

Although college football has seen a decline in attendance for the sixth straight year, some programs consistently fill up their stadiums during home games. In 2016, these 12 schools saw the highest average home attendance in the nation.

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