The 15 Highest-Paying Companies in 2017 All Pay Over $130,000

Stacks of money -- which you'll earn while working at one of the country's highest-paying companies

Stacks of money -- which you'll earn while working at one of the country's highest-paying companies You’ll earn stacks of money while working at one of the country’s highest-paying companies. | Alex Wong/Getty Images

You want — perhaps deserve — a raise. But it’s tough out there. In an economic environment in which wages have stagnated and certain industries have started to circle the drain, more and more people are looking to growth industries to find a new job. They want a job that pays significantly more than their previous one — or at least a job that will help them develop and retain skills that will prepare them for the new economy.

But finding such a job isn’t easy, and you can spend hours sifting through job listings, trying to narrow down a shortlist of companies you’d want to work for. Compensation is important, of course, but you also don’t want to get stuck working in a toxic environment. You want to work with sharp people who are doing innovative things. You want to be able to explore your interests, while also making an actual difference for your company and its clients.

And a big paycheck wouldn’t hurt, either.

Well, you can whittle your list down a little further because a new brief from Glassdoor has detailed the country’s highest-paying companies. And in terms of overall median compensation, they all pay way more than $100,000 per year.

“This report is based on each company’s median total compensation, compiled by looking at salary reports at companies in which employees have anonymously and voluntarily shared both their base pay and other forms of compensation (i.e. commissions, tips, bonuses, etc.) over the past year,” Glassdoor’s team writes.

If you want to earn some serious money, here are 15 places where you should be sending your resume.

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