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The 15 Most Hated Grocery Store Chains in America

What makes one grocery store better than another? Plenty, according to the most recent Consumer Reports survey of more than 50,000 respondents.

Supermarket shoppers are looking for quality produce, fresh meat, short checkout lines, decent prices, and overall cleanliness in their grocery store shopping experiences. Failing to provide those basics may have disastrous results for retailers. In fact, in the cutthroat world of grocery stores, “three in 10 shoppers switched supermarkets due to poor selection, long lines, awful food, or dirtiness.”

While online shopping is changing the face of many categories, most people are still relying on brick and mortar stores to stock their pantry shelves. That means supermarket owners who want to stay competitive need to focus on the overall customer experience, which is much more than just product selection. Some are doing a fantastic job of catering to picky customers, while others are racking up complaints left and right.

Read on to see which grocery stores have the worst reputation in the business.

15.  Lucky

Supermarket aisle | iStock.com/Gopixa

Score: 73 out of 100
Locations: California

This California-based chain was far from the worst but nowhere near the best, thanks to their slow checkout speeds and mediocre produce and meat quality rankings. Unless they can get their act together in those areas, Lucky risks losing customers to better-ranked chains. Californians have a reputation for demanding high-quality offerings, after all.

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