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The 15 Most Hated Home Decorating Trends That Need to Die in 2017

Home decorating trends come and go. One generation’s brilliant use of crown molding is the next generation’s cheesy wood paneling.

What starts out fresh and exciting can quickly become overused, especially because homeowners are always looking to spend dollars on the next big thing. And while it may look oh-so-good right now, 10 years down the road extremely trendy home design details will inevitably make your house look dated and may even affect resale value.

We’ve rounded up a few eyeroll-worthy trends that have definitely overstayed their welcome. So whether you’re planning to redecorate and can’t figure out what to do or you’re guilty of perpetuating these overused expressions of home décor, read on for our top 15 most hated design trends that we should finally put to rest.

1. Open floor plans

Home interior

Home interior One big open space isn’t always practical. | iStock.com/Irina88w

Turn on literally any TV show about home renovation and the first thing you’ll see is someone taking a sledgehammer to a perfectly good wall. Open floor plans have become synonymous with renovating, and everyone’s bulldozing their cozy living rooms of yesteryear in favor of combined work/eat/play/lounge spaces.

Open floor plans have their merit, but before you make your first floor one big open room, consider this: How do you plan to use your newly created space? Sometimes having a separate room with walls (or even – gasp! – a door) is practical, such as when you work from home or different family members wish to participate in different activities. Still, there’s a good chance that open floor plans will live to see another day. Just don’t be surprised when walls have their big comeback.

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