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The 15 Worst Careers for Your Stress Level

“Hey, you! Why the long face? Are you stressed?” Probably. Work and money are the two biggest contributing factors to stress, according to the American Psychological Association. If you’re sighing heavily and forcibly slamming keys on the keyboard by Monday afternoon, you might need to relax.

But according to Paychex, taking a breather at work is hard to do for most of us. Paychex polled American workers and found over 70% of people rate their workplace stress levels at a 3 or higher out of 5, and more than half claimed to feel stressed about work three or more days a week. But it seems we’re gluttons for punishment, as 52% of Americans work overtime and 47% work on weekends, even when it’s not required.

There’s no time for a lunch break, and it looks like you’ll miss another one of your kid’s tee-ball games. Sure, we could watch TV, exercise, or meditate to calm ourselves, but tough deadlines and irrational work hours still make it hard to spend time with our families — something 81% of workers said is cause for their biggest stress point, according to Paychex.

Some career fields are more stressful than others. But when considering salary, it seems some careers might be worth the worry, while others are just dead-end streets to stressville. Let’s take a look at the 15 career industries that report the highest levels of work-week stress, according to Paychex.

15. Scientific

man banging head on laptop

man banging head on laptop Being in the scientific field raises employees’ stress level. | iStock.com/SIphotography

Number of stressful days per week: 2.88

Common job titles and median salaries:

It’s easy to get lost in numbers, facts, and equations. That’s why people who work in the science field spend over half their week feeling stressed.

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