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The 7 Signs You Need a Mental Health Day

For some reason, taking a “mental health day” gets a bad rap. The idea of needing extra time to clear your head because you’re overwhelmed with work or with personal matters is viewed as overly dramatic. So many of us push through times of stress and upheaval — ignoring the symptoms of an impending mental burnout. When your mental state gets so bad that your daily life starts suffering, it could be time to unplug your electronics, meditate, or whatever helps you clear your head.

Here are the seven signs that you could use a mental health day.

1. The weekend just isn’t enough

Tired businesswoman

Tired businesswoman An endless work week can wreck your mental health. | iStock.com/Poike

That’s right — if you are in a fragile mental state, those glorious two days between Friday and Monday just don’t cut it. As Daily Burn explains, feeling completely overwhelmed or exhausted (more on that in a minute) are common factors in disrupting your mental state. And a stressful work project or trouble-maker colleague can overwhelm you to the point that you end up thinking about your work problems 24/7. You could probably use another day or two to clear your head if weekday stress seems to bleed into your Saturday and leave you in a state of dread all of Sunday.

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