The Amazing History of the Iconic Ford F-150

A red 1980 Ford F-150 Custom

A red 1980 Ford F-150 Custom While the Ford F-150’s history officially began in 1975, earlier trucks laid the groundwork for America’s favorite vehicle | Ford

You can debate just about anything concerning cars and trucks, but one thing is impossible to argue: Ford F-150 is the undisputed heavyweight champion of American roads. No vehicle has been more essential or sold more models since this pickup’s debut in 1975. As of 2017, the F-150 and its heavy-duty counterparts topped the sales charts for 35 straight years.

That’s quite a run, and these trucks beat the competition in their segment for even longer (40 consecutive years). But the F-Series pickups didn’t come out of nowhere during the 1970s. Ford launched its iconic pickup way back in 1948, just after World War II. Prior to the F-1 debut that year, the automaker’s trucks were simply modified cars.

The 1948 model changed that, and the F-Series continued its evolution into the 21st century. These days, the F-150 and heavy-duty models sport the most advanced tech and interior comfort that pickup trucks have ever seen. It certainly didn’t start that way. Here are 25 snapshots of Ford’s F-Series pickups — from the earliest days of its predecessors to the latest off-road conqueror.

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