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‘The Bachelorette’: What We Know About DeMario

From the very first episode, this season of The Bachelorette has been a dramatic one. After getting to know the bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, we are now getting to know the men who are competing for her love. There seem to be some good front-runners, but then there are also some villains.

DeMario Jackson fell into the latter category. He had the advantage of meeting Rachel on The Bachelor: After the Final Rose before many of the other men. He was certainly confident, but things took a turn when it came out that he might not exactly be single. He later became involved in an investigation that halted the filming of Bachelor in Paradise.

So who is the controversial reality TV star? Why did he come on the show? Here are 11 things we know about DeMario Jackson.

1. Bachelor in Paradise was suspended after alleged misconduct involving DeMario

DeMario Jackson is with his basketball teammates and talking to them in front of a board.

DeMario Jackson is with his basketball teammates and talking to them in front of a board. DeMario Jackson | ABC

The spinoff show Bachelor in Paradise stopped filming and the cast was sent home. According to reports, there was an investigation by Warner Bros. concerning misconduct that somehow involved DeMario and Corinne Olympios. This all happened after a producer filed a complaint.

According to TMZ, DeMario claimed that Corinne jumped onto his lap and started making out with him. They eventually made their way to the pool, where Corinne reportedly put her genitals on his face. However, this is something that has been contested by others and Warner Bros. found there wasn’t any misconduct.

Another report from TMZ said that Corinne claimed to have been blackout drunk when participating in sexual acts with DeMario. She reportedly blamed the producers for not putting a stop to it. Other cast members voiced concerns to the crew, saying that she wasn’t in a state to consent to sexual activity. The crew, however, claimed this isn’t true.

A few days later, an executive producer reportedly filed a complaint with Warner Bros. and said he or she was “uncomfortable” with what was filmed. Corinne’s own investigation has ended and she announced that she won’t be returning to Bachelor in Paradise. She also said she was happy with the changes the show has made after the scandal.

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