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The Bad Beauty Habits You Have to Quit

Bad beauty habits can be hard to break up with — kind of like that boyfriend who keeps resurfacing to wreak havoc. But it’s high time to save face and kick it all to the curb (yes, and we mean the guy, too), and start treating yourself and your skin and hair with the respect it deserves.

Consider this your ultimate breakup manual for the 10 beauty habits you need to quit and the best ways to ensure you don’t revert back to your old behavior.

1. Being bronzed and dangerous

woman applying sun protection lotion

woman applying sun protection lotion Quit tanning now. | iStock.com

Tanning is a four-letter word among the healthy beauty community — no matter if you’re soaking up the sun outside or fake-baking in a tanning bed. The ultraviolet rays can be ultra-harmful to your skin, even if you don’t burn. No matter how much you want to hit the beach with a tan, it’s not worth the risk of premature aging and skin cancer. But, as many have experienced, tanning can be not only a bad habit but also something of an addiction for some people. If you are really craving the bronzed and beautiful look, achieve it through a self-tanner instead. There are a number of good products out there that fake a bake better than ever. You’ll be glowing in no time.

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