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The Beatles’ George Harrison: 10 of His Best Solo Songs

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John Lennon and Paul McCartney might have written the bulk of the Beatles’ discography, but the third part of their lovely three-part harmonies was quietly maturing as a songwriter alongside them. In the short eight years The Beatles were the biggest band in the world, guitarist George Harrison went from contributing one forgettable song per album to contributing a few of the best songs on their final albums, including the hit single “Something,” which stands out as one of the band’s greatest love songs.

Harrison’s solo career found him continuing to pursue his passions and hone his songwriting personality, using spirituality, cheeky humor, and plain talent to craft a series of great albums and songs. These are 10 of his best.

1. “What Is Life”

If there was any doubt of Harrison’s ability to fill a record entirely on his own after the Beatles’ 1970 split, they were dispelled by the classic triple album All Things Must Pass, a record overflowing with melody and originality. “What Is Life,” which became a successful single in many countries, is a clear standout even among this collection of great tracks, both for its moving lyrical content about the importance of love in one’s life and Phil Spector’s rich wall-of-sound production, with triumphant brass and strings adorning a catchy descending guitar riff.

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