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The Best and Worst Jobs You Can Have to Prevent Diabetes

Your job can forecast your chance for diabetes. That’s right. In addition to countless other factors, how you choose to pay the bills will influence your health risk. The prevalence of diabetes in the U.S. is now as high as 11.6%, up from 10.6% in 2008. That means 2.5 million more U.S. adults live with the disease today, according to Gallup and Sharecare’s The Face of Diabetes in the United States.

Diabetes diagnoses vary across demographics, occupations, and regions. It’s clear personal choice does influence your risk level, but other swaying factors are out of your control. Although you can’t change some things, you can change your job.

That’s the good news. Employed adults already fair better than unemployed workers in their risk of diabetes. But some jobs are better than others for preventing the disease. These are the jobs known to influence diabetes the most, ranked from worst to best, according to Gallup and Sharecare.

15. Transportation

Male train conductor

Male train conductor Train conductors have one of the highest risks. | Joe Raedle/Getty Images

  • Workers with a diabetes diagnosis: 10.3%

There are many risk factors associated with diabetes onset. Chief among them is obesity. Those looking to steer clear of this condition should avoid any job in the transportation industry. Unfortunately, 40.3% of transportation workers surveyed by Gallop and Sharecare were considered obese, causing nearly 10.3% to have a diabetes diagnosis overall.

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