The Best (and Worst) States for Getting a Divorce

unhappy couple

unhappy couple Unhappy couple |

If you’re in a rocky relationship, it’s hard to know when to call it quits. For some, it’s until death do they part. For others, parting could happen much sooner. In either case, divorce can be hard and messy.

Sure, there are ways to dodge a divorce, and some are more likely to make it last than others. But those who have been there know the frustration and fatigue a divorce brings: tedious negotiations, time and resources spent on lawyers, and the mental toll it takes.

Depending on where you live in the country, ending a marriage either can be quick, cheap, and easy or lengthy, expensive, and complicated. For example, in North Carolina, the innocent spouse can sue a third party for breaking up a marriage. And in Delaware, you can annul a marriage based on a dare, and the court will understand. In New York, advanced-education degrees and professional licenses are considered marital property. Here are the 12 best and worst states for divorce.

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