The Best Exercises That Will Help Slim Your Hips

Though most people focus their efforts on getting a flatter stomach, hips are a close second for problem areas. For some, it seems like everything they eat travels straight to their thighs. But there’s no need to worry if this is you. With some smarter food choices, a decent amount of cardio to burn off excess fat, and these moves, you’ll have slimmer hips in no time. All you need are your workout clothes, some space, and this exercise guide.

1. Star jump

woman doing star jump

woman doing star jump Star jumps will get your blood pumping. |

The star jump is the perfect move to start off your routine of hip exercises. says it’ll get your heart rate pumping to help scorch calories and targets not just your hips, but also your thighs and glutes. Talk about getting the most out of your exercise.

Start by standing with your feet together and arms at your  sides, then lower your body into a squat position. Next, jump as you extend your arms and legs to the sides to form your body into an “X” shape, then bring them back in as you land to return to the starting position. Remember, this exercise should be explosive, so repeat as fast as you can to get your heart racing. Repeat until fatigue.

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