The Best Insider Secrets for Avoiding Long Lines at Disney

A trip to Disney is either a dream come true or a nightmare waiting to happen. The latter seems especially likely when you get to the park and see nothing but huge crowds and long lines. Nobody wants to spend their entire vacation waiting in line to get on a ride or elbowing through crowds of tourists just to take a photo of their favorite attraction.

Fortunately, there are some insider tips that can help you steer clear of the crowds and minimize the time you spend waiting in line. Read on to check out our best secrets for avoiding long lines at Disney World and Disneyland.

1. Learn how to use FastPass+

Woman wearing orange shirt texting on the smart phone

Woman wearing orange shirt texting on the smart phone Take advantage of FastPass+. |

Undercover Tourist reports that one of the best ways to skip the lines is to learn to use FastPass+. Disney designed the system to help people avoid the lines at the busiest rides and attractions, so take advantage of it! Each day, you can select which rides you want to use FastPass+ for. You can make your selections on Disney’s website or using the mobile app. To make sure that you get what you want, make your selections early. Or, you can decide as you go if you’d prefer more spontaneity. 

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