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The Best Pets for Kids If You Don’t Want a Dog or Cat

What little kid isn’t obsessed with animals? Many children probably pick a favorite animal shortly after learning how to walk and talk, and soon they’ll want a pet of their own. But maybe you’re not ready to bring a dog or cat into your household. After all, they’re about as much work as a human child, and you already have your hands full there. Where does that leave you?

There’s a whole world of small animals that make excellent pets for kids. These animals teach kids invaluable lessons about companionship and responsibility. They make shy children come out of their shells and provide hours of entertainment. So which animal is right for you? Here are some of the best choices for a family with children.

1. Parakeets

six parakeets on a branch

six parakeets on a branch Parakeets are one of the best pets for kids. | iStock.com/Bazilfoto

Best for: Ages 5 and up

Parakeets make excellent pets for kids. These little birds pack in personality as colorful as their feathers. With a bit of training on both the child’s and the bird’s part, parakeets are very gentle and easy to handle, The Spruce reports. And they can learn all sorts of songs and words from their human companions.

These birds live about 10 years, so make sure you’re ready to commit. They’re very social, too. If they will be left alone for hours at a time, consider getting a second parakeet.

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