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The Best Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs

We can easily imagine our ancestors debating dogs versus cats, starting the age-old argument and comparing the merits of early canines and ancient felines. Dog owners have long argued that dogs are better than cats. But the cat lovers among us beg to differ.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most convincing evidence that cats really are better than dogs.

16. Cats are more agile than dogs

tabby cat lying down

tabby cat lying down Cats know how to maneuver their bodies. | iStock.com/botamochi

Any cat owner will tell you cats always seem to land on their feet. That’s definitely true when a cat falls a short distance. But it’s not necessarily the case when a cat has a longer distance to fall. In fact, cats purposefully maneuver, so they fall flat and land on their chest and belly, thereby reducing their injuries.

And surprisingly, cats who fall long distances might fare better than those who take shorter tumbles. The added distance seems to give cats time to position themselves for the perfect landing. Thus, cats who fall from 10 stories or higher actually do better than those who fall from five to nine stories. But dogs don’t usually survive a fall from even four stories.

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