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The Best Soup and Sandwich Combinations

There’s a lot that goes into the perfect soup and sandwich combination. The flavors have to play off each other, not mask each other. The shining star element of the soup and the sandwich can’t clash, and the orchestra behind them — the flavors that build into and support the star ingredient, allowing it to shine at its best — must all work together. The sandwich can’t fall apart when dipped into the soup.

Have you ever tried to dip a muffaletta? No dice. You’ll lose all of your olive salad in your soup, totally throwing off the proportions of both the soup and the sandwich. The tomato soup and grilled cheese combo is, in many ways, the gold standard. It’s perfect for dipping, sweet and salty and buttery and acidic and creamy and bright all at once, but there are so many combinations to be had. We’re not content until we’ve tinkered and complicated things in the name of delicious food, so here you have it: 10 killer soup and sandwich combos for when you’ve pulled yourself together enough to step away from Campbell’s tomato soup and American cheese sandwiches.

potato soup

potato soup Creamy potato soup | iStock.com

This kiss melon and chorizo-manchego grilled cheese recipe from Cooking on the Weekends is, as blogger Valentina describes it, a “flavor explosion like no other.” Spicy chorizo and melty manchego and peppery arugula and sweet melon require a sturdy soup with a few flavors missing from the sandwich that don’t overpower, like in this leek, potato, and fennel soup from The Kitchn. The potato and leek base create a creaminess that plays well with the spiciness of the sandwich, while the sweet herbaceousness of the fennel twines around the arugula and the melon. The soup recipe calls for bacon, but it’s unnecessary with the chorizo from the sandwich.