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The Best Sunless Tan Methods for a Glow Without the Damage

We all know slathering on sunscreen and staying in the shade are musts to protect our skin during summer, but that doesn’t mean having to deal with insanely pale skin. The secret to a great glow? Sunless tan. If you have never tried it before, your life is about to change. From tanning creams to mousses to butter, the choices are endless, but the results are the same — a radiant, healthy bronze. Here are five of our favorite sunless tanning methods for you to try out.

1. Self-tanning cream

Eco Tan

Eco Tan Eco Tan | Amazon

Eco Tan makes a variety of tanning products that you can choose from to best suite your lifestyle. The most popular is a tanning cream, the winner of the Natural Health category at the International Beauty Awards 2016. Invisible Tan delivers a rich honey tan with only one application. It works best on medium/olive skin tones. However, if you have a paler complexion or if you are using their products for the first time, you might want to opt for Winter Skin, which builds a strong bronze glow gradually over time, instead.

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