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The Best Travel Advice I Have Ever Heard

As much as we all love a good vacation, the possibility of frustrations pop up during the initial planning, at the airport, and after you’ve arrived. Maybe you have to endure a two-hour line to get through security or maybe your neighbor on the plane snores loud enough to wake the dead. Even minor hiccups have a way of souring the experience, so picking up a few new tricks can make things a lot more enjoyable. Plenty of globe-trotters seem to have all the answers, but even they had to pick up some tips from other folks. We asked seven travel-savvy professionals to share the advice that’s made the biggest impact on how they get from point A to point B and beyond. Read on to hear what they had to say.

1. Consider time and place

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Go off peak, even slighly [sic] off peak. Rather than traveling to Europe in early June, for example, try traveling a few weeks earlier in mid-May. It’s a slight schedule shift, but it can make a huge difference.

Also, look outside the mainstream destinations, even slightly outside the mainstream. Rather than paying the premium to go to Italy, try looking across the Adriatic to Croatia, which boasts many of the same wonderful qualities at a meaningfully lower price.

Greg Geronemus, co-CEO of smarTours

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