The Best Ways to Make Love Last

a happy couple taking a picture

a happy couple taking a picture If you want your love to last, there are some things you need to do. |

Some people enter a relationship hoping they found their soul mate and that they’ll stay in love forever. However, after a few years, that loving feeling tends to fade. The humdrum of daily life sets in, and things begin to get stale. It’s often at this point that couples consider divorce. So, how do you make love last?

In Fall in Love, Stay in Love, Willard F. Harley Jr. says,

Couple after couple explained to me that they didn’t marry each other because they were communicating so clearly or resolving their conflicts effectively or were not fighting with each other. They married because they found each other irresistible — they were in love. But by the time they came to my office, they had lost that feeling of love. Many actually found each other repulsive. And one of the most important reasons that they were communicating so poorly, resolving their conflicts so ineffectively, and fighting so much was that they had lost their feeling of love.

But how exactly do you bring back that loving feeling? Here are a few tips for how to keep the fire alive or reignite a spark that is fading.

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