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The Biggest Secrets Your Landlord Wishes You Knew

The tenant-landlord relationship can be a tough one to navigate. Start out on the wrong foot, and life becomes a living hell for those on both sides of the fence. But forge a respectful relationship, and both you and your landlord might live happily ever after in rental harmony.

Harmony in the place where you lay your head at night sounds like just the ticket for the 37% of American households that rent their homes. Are you ready for a secret? Not all landlords are crooks. Some are even commendable. And the better you understand each other, the easier life will be. So we suggest you listen up for the top 15 secrets your landlord wishes you knew.

1. They’re more prone to let a late payment slide than you think

NYC rental complex

NYC rental complex There might be some wiggle room with your rent check. | Don Emmert/AFP/Getty Images

Most rental agencies and property managers accept rent payments within a five-day time frame. And though a long track record of late payments won’t do you any favors as a respected tenant, landlords understand that life happens. Generally, they don’t want to assess late fees or uncomfortably ask for the rent, so if you recently encountered a job loss, a death in the family, or another unexpected life change, there might be wiggle room in your rent delivery.

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