Home News The Biggest Wedding Regrets Couples Have

The Biggest Wedding Regrets Couples Have

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big bang theory What were your wedding regrets? | Season 10 cast of Big Bang Theory CBS

Weddings are supposed to be a time when a couple declares their commitment to each other and to their friends and family. The ceremony is meant to be a beautiful celebration of love. However, things don’t always go according to plan. Sometimes a wedding ends up not going as envisioned, leaving the bride and groom full of regret.

A survey by David’s Bridal found 24% of brides wish they had asked people giving speeches to keep it short, and roughly 14% wanted to tell at least one guest to back away from the bar. In yet another wedding survey, nearly 40% of brides said they had regrets about their hair and makeup, and 21% said they would have picked an entirely different wedding party (yikes!).

If you made a wedding mistake you wish you could take back, you’re not alone. Here are the biggest wedding regrets couples have.

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