The Bitter Truth Why Men Cheat

In a recent study, the findings revealed that, why men cheat unlike what society believes – due to sexual dissatisfaction, there are other reasons. Why men cheat is a question most women have no answers to and are always looking to find out the real truth. In the study, 8 percent of the men said they cheated due to sexual dissatisfaction. Another 48 percent attributed their infidelity to emotional discontent.

Ladies (and concerned men), hold your horses and read the following to understand the underlying reasons that drive your bull to cheat on you:


Men who feel weak, young, small-sized, obese or just any factors that may push them into thinking lowly of themselves are likely to cheat as a means of seeking the worth. Sometimes, the remedy is found in watching porn or hiring sex if the female is not supportive.


If a man feels that polygamy is their thing, nothing can hold him from extending his territory beyond a relationship no matter how perfect it seems. If his commitment was not set on monogamy, cheating is likely.


A man who does not think of the consequences of cheating is most likely immature. In fact, immaturity is one of the leading causes of cheating. The man assumes that as long as their partner never gets to know it, extramarital affairs are just okay.

Unmet Expectations

Ladies! This time you carry the cross. A thirsty bull will lick dew if no water is available. Similarly, if your man’s sexual desires are not entirely met, he will find the satisfaction elsewhere. Bitter truth. Create time in between busy schedules and do not always expect him to ask for sex.

He Is Quitting

In some cases, external romantic affairs can apply as a signal to end a relationship and can be used as a reason as to why men cheat in their relationships. Some men are not able to tell the truth straight to their partners and will use such methods to put the message across. At times, it may act as a form of “revenge” especially after brawls or unpleasing encounters with their partners.


This is yet another primary causal factor to why men cheat. Psychologists draw a downward trend when describing how many relationships work after marriage or during courtship. The romance starts at an all-time high and diminishes with time. At some lows, the sex and love become too boring. One way that men will use to get the adrenaline rushing is through cheating as they describe their external mistresses as “hot.”

If you can reverse or prevent these from happening, no other queen gets to share your king’s honey. Also, learn to read the signs and avoid surprises.

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