The Craziest 1980s Celebrity Scandals You Forgot About

Celebrities seem to always get into trouble, and the public tends to watch closely when they do. We know of the many celebrity scandals that have happened recently. But how well do you remember the scandals from the past? These forgotten incidents may surprise you.

The ’80s were full of cheesy movies, the rising popularity of music videos, and some interesting outfit choices. But they were also full of violent celebrity disputes, sex tapes, and more crazy things that made headlines. Some of these scandals ended careers. Other times, celebrities rebounded quickly.

So how crazy were celebrities during this decade? Here are 15 of the biggest 1980s celebrity scandals you forgot about.

15. Lionel Richie and Brenda Harvey have a violent domestic dispute

Lionel Richie poses for photos at the Songwriters Hall of Fame Induction.

Lionel Richie poses for photos at the Songwriters Hall of Fame Induction. Lionel Richie | Theo Wargo/Getty Images

This couple’s marriage ended violently and very publicly. Brenda Harvey reportedly found her husband, Lionel Richie, with Diane Alexander, a friend of the couple, in 1988. They were at Alexander’s apartment, and Harvey definitely wasn’t happy to catch the two of them together.

According to People, Harvey drop-kicked the singer in the “stomach-area.” He went on to leave the apartment and later called the police, claiming his wife assaulted him. Harvey also allegedly hit and kicked Alexander in her living room while the police reached the scene.

The couple eventually divorced in 1993, and the “Hello” singer married Alexander. But it didn’t become a happily ever after either. He filed for divorce from Alexander in 1993, citing “irreconcilable differences.”

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