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The Danger of Toy Drones

Various reports have been made regarding The Danger of Toy Drones and hazardous situations involving hover toy aircrafts, better known as remote controlled toy drones. With these new age toys taking flight, many people are afraid that the safety of their flights and their privacy is at risk of being invaded. Regulation of these flying devices has yet to be enacted, so at this time, they can fly the friendly skies as freely below the FAA allowance of 400 feet. But, with several incidents involving close collisions with pilots flying passenger filled aircrafts, it is quite clear that the people manning the remote controlled drones are not following these guidelines. This lack of oversight has many pilots and everyday individuals on guard, keeping their eyes peeled for possible accidents waiting to happen and sneaky “Peeping Toms”. It is very easy for the controllers of the toy drones in question, to navigate and direct them to do surveillance or scope out a particular location of their choosing. From bathroom and bedroom windows, to living room spaces, aircraft cabins or other private areas, that people hold sacred; these stealthy little intruders could be watching you and you’d never even know it. Combating these disturbances will require regulation on air space, monitoring and/or tracking of the toy drones whereabouts. With this being a new phenomena, it could take some time before officials are able to get more effective rules and regulations off the ground. Read More Here