The Dangers of a Fruit Only Diet

I know you might be feeling as confused as I am. One day, we are told that fruits are the best diet to live on and the next, we hear of the dangers of a fruit only diet! What is happening?

Well, I went the extra mile so I could bring the truth closer to you. In the simplest form, you must eat food to be healthy. Food, as you know, includes veggies, meats, cereals, water and our today’s focus: fruits. Remember the old saying that all work and no play made Jack a dull boy? Similarly, all fruits and no other food will affect your health negatively. Continue reading to understand how a fruit only diet can harm rather than maintain your body.

Bowel irregularity

Fiber is in high quantities in fruits. In as much as we need the fiber for healthy digestion, an excess of it will cause problems such as gas and bloating. This is because our bodies cannot digest fiber. As such, the attempt by the body to deal with an excess of roughage leads to slowed bowel activity and gas buildup.


We all hate diarrhea: but fruits only diet will give you diarrhea if you do  not eat other foods. When you have excess fiber inside you, the digestive tract will require extra fluid to move it towards your rectum. The excess fluid is what will mix with the roughage and exit your body as loose waste, or as you are trying to avoid hearing: diarrhea!

Muscle Loss

musclesFruits are not good sources of protein. Therefore, if your fruit only diet tends to omit the fruit types that contain proteins, you will be receiving all other necessities you need but lacking in proteins. That will prompt your body to start consuming the stored protein, thus the loss of muscle.

Poor nutrition

A fruit only diet will deny you the correct amount of Vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and most of the B vitamins. The effects: weak bones, less energy, low red blood cell count, less oxygen supply, poor blood clotting, and fatigue.

Evidently, nature had a reason to include multiple elements under the food umbrella. As you have it, boycotting one type of food is likely to have adverse effects on you. Do you have any take on this? We are glad to listen!

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