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‘The Defenders’: 5 Theories About Who Sigourney Weaver Will Play

Sigourney Weaver will soon be joining Marvel’s TV universe, as announced at the New York Comic Con earlier this fall. The actress will be playing the main villain in Netflix’s highly anticipated team-up show, The Defenders. Both companies are staying tight-lipped about the specifics of her character for now, but of course, that hasn’t stopped comic book fans from speculating.

Per EW, her character’s name is Alexandra, and showrunner Marco Ramirez  describes her as an “utter badass.” Not much else is known about her character at this time, beyond those two details. It should be noted that “Alexandra” could be a pseudonym for any of the Marvel characters listed below, or she could be an entirely new character created for the show.

Check out our five theories about who Weaver could play in the upcoming series.

1. Mephisto

Mephist in the defenders Marvel Comics

Mephist in the defenders Marvel Comics Mephisto | Marvel Comics

Mephisto has been heavily rumored to be the main villain in The Defenders for several months now. Though the speculation has yet to be confirmed, there’s as good of a chance as any that Weaver could be playing a gender-swapped version of the devilish character.

As comic book fans may know, Mephisto is an immortal demonic entity based on the character from German folklore, Mephistopheles. The figure first appeared in Silver Surfer #3 in 1968 and has since appeared in over four decades of Marvel continuity. He possesses mystical powers, including shape and size-shifting, matter manipulation, illusion-projecting, and altering time. He is also able to capture the souls of recently deceased humans who have previously bargained with him.

Aside from being a foil powerful enough to take on the members of The Defenders, Mephisto could also potentially help tie the series to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, which recently introduced Ghost Rider — a character created by Mephisto in the comics.

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