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The Effects of Jet Lag: Here’s What It Does to Your Body

Everyone loves to travel, but before you board the plane to paradise, keep in mind what happened the last time you hopped multiple time zones. Did you wake up in Barcelona ready to explore La Rambla market or did you respond to your morning alarm by promptly turning it off and rolling over after realizing it was the middle of night at home? Chances are if you look back, you’ll see that anytime you travel abroad you spend ample time lying awake in the middle of the night and feeling desperate for a nap in the afternoon.

According to Dr. Smith L. Johnston, chief of the fatigue management team at NASA, it takes about a day for your body to shift just one time zone, which is why you may feel a nasty impact when you hop several. Ever wondered what jet lag is and how it impacts your body? Here’s everything you need to know.

1. Your internal clock is disrupted

man trying to fall asleep at night

man trying to fall asleep at night During jet lag, your internal clock gets messed up. | iStock.com

Your body comes complete with its own handy internal clock. This clock is made up of a small group of cells called the suprachiasmatic nucleus. These cells turn on and off in tune with the pattern of day and night, light and dark. Based on this and other signals, they tell the rest of your body when to sleep and can affect your hunger levels, mood, and blood pressure.

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